The courses I have designed and taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels can be grouped into the following three broad areas:
  1. cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of (cognitive) science;
  2. history of philosophy;
  3. environmental ethics & enviromental philosophy.
Reflecting my interests and orientation as a researcher, in my teaching I like to emphasize the intersection of questions in these distinct areas. I have done this, for instance, by emphasizing the "environmental" and "ecological" dimensions of mind (in courses in area #1, connecting to questions from area #3), by focusing on changing views on mind and science in my historical courses (in courses in area #2, connecting to questions from area #1), and by discussing how environmental issues relate to conceptions of what humans are like and to perspectives on scientific and technological development (in courses in area area #3, connecting to questions from areas #1 and #2).

>> Information about my most recent teaching (at the TU Berlin) can be found on my research group website: www.embody.group/courses/

Courses taught (selected):

Additional Experience

As a PhD student, I also worked as teaching assistant (helping with grading and guest-lecturing) in the following courses:

Diversity Outreach

EPIC 2018

Leading discussion on philosophy and cognitive science at the diversity outreach workshop EPIC (Emerging Philosophers Institute at Cincinnati), April 2018